SiC CMOS Design-Contest

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CMOS Technology Based Sensing and Signal Processing Operable up to 600 °C

Our SiC CMOS technology, available via EUROPRACTICE, is at the forefront of innovation, offering unique performance in extremely harsh environments and enabling high temperature operation up to 600°C. Join our design contest to push the limits and make your mark in CMOS design using our advanced SiC CMOS technology for high temperature applications.

  • Competition in analog and digital CMOS circuit design
  • Exciting opportunity to show your skills and creativity
  • Winners receive free chip area on the next EUROPRACTICE run

Participate in any of these three categories

Operational Amplifier

  • Operational amplifier functional within a temperature range of 25 to 500°C
  • Voltage amplifier featuring differential input voltage signal and single-ended voltage output
  • High open-loop voltage gain and good temperature stability are essential
  • Compensation design for parameter variability (mismatch) is preferable


  • Four-channel multiplexer for analog signals
  • At least four analog inputs and one analog output required
  • Expandable to support additional channels
  • Channel selection achieved via a digital (2-bit) input
  • Enable signal required (1-bit)
  • Break-before-make design is necessary
  • Compensation design for parameter variability (mismatch) is preferable

Pulse Width Modulator

  • Pulse width modulator with an 8-bit counter
  • On-time and period must be set using 8-bit digital inputs each (duty cycle = on time / period)
  • Higher resolution with more bits is possible
  • Output is a PWM signal
  • Clock signal input for an external clock
  • Enable signal input required
  • Compensation design for parameter variability (mismatch) is preferable

Timeline for the Design Contest

Opening of Contest

opens July 1st 2024

  • Download our NDA, sign, and send it to get access to our preliminary PDK
  • Use our PDK with technology information and compact models to get familiar with the technology
  • Note that PDK will be updated for the final contest version by August 1st 2024 for the start of the contest

Start of Design Process

1st Aug 2024

  • Make sure that you have downloaded the latest PDK
  • Start designing and simulating your circuit(s) for at least one of the three categories
  • Detailed boundary conditions for participation and rules of the contest will soon be available here

Deadline for Submission

1st Nov 2024

  • Upload your design and all required files as described in the entry form

Announcement of Results

1st Dec 2024

  • Winners will be informed by e-mail and will be announced on this website and on LinkedIn

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